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About Us

Nexu Me Ltd. is specialized in conceptualizing, designing, positioning and developing mobile and web solutions with user experience attention.

We have different approach on client’s basis and support the project at every stage: from clarifying the initial concept, analyzing requirements, designing and developing software applications right through delivery, integration and support.

Our digital products have great but simple designs, outrageously high ratings and user reviews.

Nexu Me Ltd. is a partner of eLeader - one of the world’s top innovators in the business smartphone mobile software market, with experience gained since the beginning of the smartphone industry.

Nexu Me Ltd. is registered at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy under number 2744/18.02.2019 for carrying out recruitment activity.

What we do

Innovative product design & top-quality user experience

Android App Development

We design and build great android apps, with amazing user interfaces and experiences. Our mobile apps have outrageously high ratings and user reviews on Google Play.

Web development

NexuMe is an reliable partner in web development and a specialist in creating effective online marketing strategies. You will find your "tools for success" within our suite of products.


NexuMe is interested in cooperation, outsourcing, subcontracting or distribution agreements with business partners, which provides all kind of IT solutions.

Interactive Children's Learning Center "Lily"

The company develops a center for extracurricular activities for pre-school children and school students.

Recruitment services

We own Joboid - the Fastest-Growing Hiring Platform


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